Tara Devi Laabar
Palliative care nurse and researcher
Implementing palliative care in Bhutan
Tara Devi Laabar is a lecturer at the Faculty of Nursing and Public Health at Khesar Gyalpo University of Medical Sciences of Bhutan. She is currently pursuing her PhD in Palliative Care at the University of Western Australia. In April 2022, she has submitted her thesis titled Developing a palliative care model – socially, culturally and spiritually applicable for the Kingdom of Bhutan and is looking forward to graduating soon. After graduation, Tara aspires to return back to Bhutan and contribute towards enhancing palliative care service besides her usual teaching job.
Palliative care in Bhutan
Tara Laabar aims to educate Bhutanese healthcare professionals, policymakers and the public on palliative care; generate evidence on the preferences for palliative care among patients with life-limiting illness, their family caregivers and the healthcare professionals; and  establish palliative care service at the three referral hospitals in the country.
Program Updates