Jessica Reynolds
Tsuha Fellowship
Jessica Reynolds is an aspiring mental health counselor who hopes to serve marginalized communities. Jessica is originally from Toronto, Ontario, Canada, has lived in south London, UK, and now resides in Houston, Texas, USA. Jessica believes providing quality mental health counseling to incarcerated and formerly incarcerated could reduce recidivism, helping prisons become less of a revolving door and more of a rehabilitation program. Jessica spent years working in film and TV production in Toronto, Ontario. She has written and produced her own short film, danced and traveled the world with musical artists, and has helped develop feature films and television shows. She began coaching dance and fitness early and has spent over a decade guiding children in the arts. She used this skill to coordinate a charitable function for the Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Canada, raising over $ 3,000. Currently, she is collaborating with Tsuha fellow Nkechika Ibe on the WISPAD magazine, creating a column dedicated to the mental health interests of those in conflict areas in Nigeria. She has recently graduated with honors from the University of Houston, receiving her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. In addition to her schooling, she has worked with Wings, a program in Houston that uses faith-based programming to mentor mothers on probation, helping them develop the skills necessary to succeed in their new lives. Jessica is still endeavoring with the arts. Her passion has evolved into creative writing, where she maintains Uprooted, her personal blog. She has a ten-month-old son and a Staffordshire Terrier she enjoys rolling around with in her spare time.