Siriraj Well-being Impact on Quality of Life and Health Behaviors of Hospital Personnel

Innovative Research

Health Promotion

An investigation into the impacts of health promotion policy, knowledge, healthy canteen, healthy spaces, healthy meetings, healthy competition and classrooms in Bangkok, Thailand

Research Objectives

  1. Compare personal health behaviors and the quality of life of staff after using the health development organizational model

  2. Analysis of each problem related to health behaviors and the quality of life of staff after the intervention

  3. Compare the pre- and post intervention data to learn impact of SIHOW policy on health behavior, happiness at work, and quality of life.

  4. Use findings to plan future health promotion activities to address highest health priorities identified in study.

OHSU's Health Promotion Platform

Let's Get Healthy

Participants in good health will enrol in OHSU’s ‘Let’s Get Healthy!’ program for an assessment of their memory, concentration, diet, exercise, quality of life, risk behaviours and sleep behavior. 

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Why this research is important

This health promotion and health policy research envisions achieving health benefits for Siriraj personnel, and is to be performed in collaboration with the Fatless Belly Thais network, the Royal College of Physicians of Thailand under the royal patronage of HM the King, and the Diabetes Association of Thailand under the royal patronage of HRH Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn. It’s focus is on health promotion to Siriraj Hospital’s working-age individuals, and includes setting up a system of interventions and tools as part of a healthy organization development project. The objectives of this project cover not only knowledge provision on changing behavior toward achieving good health to prevent or minimize the risk of chronic non-communicable diseases for staff, but also knowledge transfer and facilitation tools for management and corporate human resources teams, so that they will be able to use the examples, guidelines, and learning media to change the organizational environment.