Chiang Rai, Thailand

Pediatric Eye Disease Screening for Treatment

Screening Goals

We are planning a research project, assessing the baseline pediatric eye care health literacy, and conducting a needs assessment for pediatric eye health care for the rural hill tribe area around Chiang Rai. Our team has experience partnering with colleagues in Myanmar in providing training and mentorship and building a continuity of care program.

We are interested in collaborating with researchers and/or ophthalmologists at MFU and publishing our findings together. Thai ophthalmology residents, medical students or other learners could participate as well.

  1. Assess baseline pediatric care

  2. Conduct a needs assessment for pediatric eye health care for the rural hill tribe area around Chiang Rai

  3. Collaborate with Thai researchers and/or ophthalmologists at MFU and publish our findings together

Northern Thailand

Pediatric eye disease in Asia

Amblyopia is a leading cause of vision impairment among children, with Asia alone accounting for approximately 50% of the world’s total cases.

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Long Term Program Goals
To jointly apply for USAID or NIH grant funding of a continuity of care program in pediatric eye care delivery, as well as create a program that could be duplicated in other areas in SE Asia.
Program Update

What is happening now?

A team of Allison Summers, OD, MCR and two MD/MCR students from Oregon Health & Science University were recetnly at MFU and in the Chiang Rai area to collect pilot data. This team drafted surveys and study protocols with MFU colleagues  for cultural appropriateness and passed these through the IRB at the Ministry of Public Health.

Study protocol was approved

Upcoming Meetings and Trips

We will have a series of meetings every month to set the framework for your visit to Mae Fah Luang University.

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