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Infectious Disease Research

Project Duration

Project Duration




Bangkok, Thailand



Scholarships available

Program Overview

                    Built on the backs of academics from both Siriraj and OHSU, we have numerous research projects which students may wish to learn from and contribute to.

Research Projects

  1. Dengue Fever Seroepidemiology study

  2. Epidemiology and serological evaluation of flavivirus infection in Thailand

  3. Novel approaches to hepatitis B characterisation

  4. Novel TB Biomarker Diagnostics

  5. Eosinophilia and parasitic disease

  6. Comparative Chikunguna Viromics

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Student Requirements



We are able to meet student needs, whether they be MD-PhD, MD-MPH or MD students on their scholarly projects. Please reach out to Dr. Justin Denny at or Dr. Marcel Curlin at with questions

  1. Must be in good academic standing

  2. Must have sufficient time to achieve research goals

  3. Will have some research skills or prior experience in field